We're the most ethical cafe in Britain

We’re thrilled to have been named Britain’s Most Ethical Coffee Shop based on our approach to ethics and the environment.

The title was awarded to us by Ethical Consumer, a hugely dedicated team who research and rate over 40,000 brands and products to help consumers make an informed and ethical choice. Their team said,

“When it comes to ethics, the cup your coffee comes in has become as big an issue as the coffee itself. Boston Tea Party, our Best Buy in this guide, has made a bold move and eradicated take-away cups altogether. Customers can either bring their own reusable cup, buy one at the counter or borrow one using the deposit scheme. It would be great to see more businesses follow in the footsteps of Boston Tea Party.”

We achieved the highest score in the because of our sourcing and our dedication to eradicating single-use cups. Our coffee comes from Extract Coffee, just up the road in Bristol, who use a direct trade model; tea is directly sourced; hot chocolate is Fairtrade and organic.

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Our milk is organic and comes from Yeo Valley, and we also got extra points for offering soya and oat milk as an alternative to dairy at no extra charge, and all meat and eggs always have been, and always will be free range.

Anita, our Brand Director said,

“We’re incredibly proud to be leading the way when it comes to ethics and sustainability and would love to see all the big coffee chains, which were included in this report, adopt business models based on these principles. Now we need customers to vote with their feet. If enough customers start choosing cafés based on ethical trading standards, the big chains which currently perform poorly in this area will be left with no choice but to change.”

We’re really proud of this achievement, and will carry on working to make sure we stay at the top of the ethical rankings. If you want to find out more, you can check out Ethical Consumer’s website.
Or to read more about our suppliers, and commitment to Making Things Better, you can read all about that here.