Hash Brown Heroes

Hash Brown Heroes

Hash Browns – the perfect way to step your breakfast, brunch, lunch or late afternoon nibble order up a notch. Here are our five fave ways to enjoy these little triangles of joy…

1. Use your Hash Brown to scoop up your egg yolks. They’re the ideal consistency for soaking up all that yellow goodness.
2. Order a pile of 12 ‘for the table’ with our trio of dips and dunk away to your hearts content.
3. Pop an extra couple on the side of your Breakfast Muffin order. Let’s face it, one is never enough.
4. Savoury pancake lover? Nothing mops up maple and bacon juice like our friend the Hash Brown.
5. Get them delivered direct to your door via Uber Eats to really brighten up your weekend lie in.

How will you eat yours?

Hash Browns For Life,