Put Your Pride Where Your Mouth Is

To celebrate all the marvellous Pride events taking place up and down the country this Summer, we’ve baked up a little partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust. 50p from every one of our Pride Cookies sold goes to help the amazing work this charity does to support queer youth who are homeless or in vulnerable living situations, so you can feel nothing but good about indulging in a sweet treat with us. We’ve also got donation boxes at our counters if you want to donate more.

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To give you an insight into the invaluable work the Albert Kennedy Trust do, here’s a short (anonymised) story from someone who has benefited hugely from what they do;

Lawrence, a bisexual trans man, experienced abuse and toxicity in his household after coming out, and though managed to move out at 18, was taken advantage of by his first landlord. After repeated rent increases, Lawrence was forced to leave with two weeks notice and refused his deposit back. His Albert Kennedy Trust caseworker helped arrange support through Lawrence’s university to get him into student accommodation, whilst also providing financial relief and an Oyster card to increase Lawrence’s agency and access to university and work. Albert Kennedy Trust also signposted Lawrence to Galop, for emotional support around his historic domestic abuse.

This story illuminates just one example of the incredible work that the Albert Kennedy Trust can do to support those most vulnerable, so put your pride where your mouth is and come grab a cookie.

Stay proud!