We’ve kept the coffee machines on and our teams scrambling eggs like champs, but now it’s time to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our cafes. We feel that this is the most responsible thing to do at this point.

People are our business – our brilliant teams, the communities we serve, the suppliers we call family. We want you to know we will be doing absolutely everything within our power to ensure they’re looked after and we will fight fiercely to protect them.

We are all living in very strange, unprecedented times. Our company purpose is to Make Things Better and never has that been more important.

As our CEO, Boston’s Co-Owner Sam says;

“Our number one priority at this moment is to pay our team as much as we can for as long as we can. We will get through this; life will normalise once more. The way we act, the way we behave now, will define us for years to come”

Putting our team’s wellbeing at the forefront of business decisions reflects our deep-rooted belief that protecting people and profit are not mutually exclusive.

Staying true to our values has helped us negotiate these difficult times as one team, with compromises on pay being made at all levels in a bid to best protect the lowest earners.

Sam continues;

“In order to protect our teams and come out of this ready to trade again together, it is a time where we must look after each and every person. All pay reductions will be biggest at the top of our tree, myself, my fellow directors & head office will take the biggest cut, ensuring those who work tireless on our cafes floors each day are looked after in the best way possible”

At Boston, we dream of a better world, something that’s more important than ever in uncertain times. Making the decision to close now is hard, but we do it with a view to a more sustainable future, for our people and the planet.

Until then, we will always have time for breakfast, so keep safe and we’ll see you on the flip side.


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for ways to bring Boston into your kitchen