Turning 25 - Time for the Tastiest Hits

February marks Boston’s Birthday, technically it’s the 6th Feb but we say let’s keep the party going a bit longer. To mark a quarter of a century of Boston we put it to the people; what did you want to see brought back from the archives and put on the menu? Heaps of you piled in with your suggestions which was incredible. The official line up for the 2020 Tastiest Hits is:

The Jalapeno & Cheddar Cornbread – Four pieces of crisped up cornbread served with smashed avocado, tomato salsa, yoghurt, a fried egg and topped with spring onions and coriander all topped off with Tabasco maple syrup.

Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree – Buttery, lightly spiced rice packed with smoked mackerel, tomato, spring onions and topped with a poached egg and coriander yoghurt.

Cinnamon Buns – The artist formerly known as the cinnamon loaf has undergone a reinvention and comes back stronger than ever. Sticky cinnamon brioche buns topped with a brown sugar syrup. Get them while they’re warm from the oven.

Head to your local Boston and take the tastiest hits for a spin, high five to anyone who does a two course breakfast – those cinnamon morsels are just the perfect breakfast pudding…