New Guest Coffee: Awash River Espresso

Our latest guest coffee from Extract is a deliciously fruity Ethiopian.

From the central Rift Valley of Ethiopia (to many the home of coffee production), comes this smallholder lot named after the river that runs from Addis Alem to Djibouti. Typically, Ethiopia coffee is collated from smallholders who farm such small plots, they cannot sustain their own milling and drying equipment so they work together to centralise this process that takes the ripe, hand-picked, coffee cherries and produces dried seed for roasting.

This coffee is naturally processed, meaning the coffee cherries are dried with pulp and skin intact and therefore carries a sweet, fermented fruit flavour. This makes for a great espresso and lots of creamy fruit flavours when in milk – think stewed plum fool and cherry cola!

It is amazingly tasty, fruity and rich and we are pretty sure you are going to love it.

In the cup:
Espresso: Cherry Cola, Plum, Lemon
With milk: Bakewell