Click & Collect, Takeaway and Contactless Coffee has Landed!

So, we find ourselves in a strange new world. Our teams are crying out to get back to work and you are begging us to fire up the coffee machines. With that in mind we are super excited to announce we are now open for Click & Collect and takeaway at twelve of our cafés.

This blog takes you through the simple steps to placing your order via Click & Collect and some FAQs on safety, packaging, menu choice and more. You can also drop by any of the open cafés and order takeaway, following the safety measures we’ve put in place. Anything else you want to know, come and talk to us – we’re @btpcafes on social media, and we’re here to help.

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Open Boston Tea Party Cafés

  • Park Street, Bristol
  • Kingsmead Square, Bath
  • Stokes Croft, Bristol
  • Gloucester Road, Bristol
  • Cheswick Village, Bristol
  • Cheltenham
  • Edgbaston
  • Harborne
  • Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Ringwood
  • Salisbury
  • Chichester

How to: Click & Collect

1. Browse our online menu here

2. Choose which café you want to pick up from

3. Place your order (get excited at this point)

4. Select your desired pick up time

5. Swing by to collect your order keeping a safe distance.

P.S. If you’ve ordered a hot drink, please bring your reusable cup with you or select the loan cup option on the website. We’ll make it for you when you arrive using our ‘Contactless Coffee’ method! See below for details.

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What steps are you taking to ensure people are safe?

It’s important to say we put the safety of our team and customers above everything else. We’re following all government guidance on being Covid-safe, plus a few of our own measures on top.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Washing hands thoroughly every 20 minutes
  • Cleaning down all touchpoints every 20 minutes
  • Making sanitiser accessible to teams and customers in key places
  • Limiting who can work to avoid team members swapping in and out too frequently
  • Working 2m apart wherever possible (and asking you to stay 2m apart too!)
  • Ensuring all team members working have completed a health assessment, travel to work as safely as possible and change into clean uniform in a designated changing station
  • Creating a floor plan flow
  • Using designated waiting spots and collection points with enough space to keep distance
  • Serving ‘Contactless Coffee’ (see below)
  • Using our spangly new online Click & Collect system or taking contactless payment to avoid handling cash
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How does ‘Contactless Coffee’ work?

We knew we had to stick to our principles of reusable cups only for takeaway. To make this safe we’ve created a ‘Contactless Coffee’ system.

1. Order your drink via Click & Collect OR drop by the café and order your takeaway.

2. You bring your cup (nice and clean please!)

3. You pop it in the allotted spot (the team will point it out), keep your lid

5. Our barista will pour your desired coffee or hot drink in without touching the cup, and step away

5. You pop the lid on and take it away

Optional steps

6. Enjoy! Take a minute to think about how much you’ve missed barista made coffee. Don’t go searching for any snazzy latte art, it’s impossible from a distance (trust us, we’ve tried!)

7. Tag us in your #ContactlessCoffee pics on social (@btpcafes)

How are you handling the issue of takeaway packaging and sustainability?

We find ourselves in a strange world, where fiercely fighting to protect our teams‘ jobs is our number one priority. With that in mind we’ve launched Click & Collect and takeaway to allow us to slowly re-open the business. We’re very proud to say all of our new food packaging is solely made from cardboard, free of plastic and fully recyclable in your normal cardboard bin. We have also stuck to our principles with takeaway hot drinks, and instead of reverting to a single use cup we have introduced Contactless Coffee (see above) which we believe is safer and better for the planet. A win win – and we all need those right now!

Are you running the full Boston menu on Click & Collect and takeaway?

To begin with we’re reducing the menu slightly. Most of your Boston faves will still be on there but we’re working with fewer people in the kitchen to keep our space safe, so it’s only fair to reduce the amount of dishes they need to prepare!

Why isn’t my local Boston open?

This is brand new territory for us. We expect there to be hiccups and lessons. We’re rolling it out slowly, from two trial sites, now to ten more and to all of the cafés in the not too distant future. With all the safety measures we’re putting in place we also need to work on the layout of some of our cafes to make sure we can make the experience safe for teams and customers.