Brunch Pudding

Brunch Pudding

Brunch. Arguably the best meal of the day. Impossible to make any better right? Wrong.

Meet Brunch Pudding. The perfect accompaniment to your brunch order – get one (or two+) of these sweeties ‘for the table’ – everyone gets a bite, no one gets food envy, you all leave happy. It’s a thing!

If you’re new to the Brunch Pudding concept, may we recommend (in no particular order)…

French Toast with apple & raspberry compote, Greek yoghurt, coconut crumble & fresh mint. Delectable.


Banoffee Pancakes – with banana, toffee sauce, dark chocolate sauce & whipped cream*. Moreish.

*You may well remember these guys from our Pancake Specials menu…well =, they’ve made the cut fulltime! Kudos to James, from our Exeter cafe, for being the mastermind behind the recipe – we thank you sir.


Order well,