Powered by Vegan Energy

Powered by Vegan Energy

Here at BTP, we are on a mission to Make Things Better and one of the most important ways we do this is through the energy that we choose to use.

As you can imagine our cafes can get through a fair bit of energy – from the coffee machines to the ovens to the lighting – it all adds up to a lot of wattage. We are incredibly keen to minimise the impact this may have and so reduce our carbon footprint. We do this in a number of small ways – tracking our consumption in every café and ensuring that our teams are on the ball with turning stuff off when not being used – the usual sort of thing – all good important stuff and collectively it makes a big difference.

One of the big ways we reduce our impact is by only using green energy. And not only is it green, but it’s vegan too.

What? Vegan energy? Is that a thing? Yep, we are very proud to be powered by Ecotricity – an inspirational company who were the world’s first green energy provider and the only energy supplier in the UK that’s registered with The Vegan Society for their green electricity and green gas.

But what makes energy vegan or not?

Green energy is the production of electricity or gas through renewable sources, in place of traditional fossil fuels. Green energy is produced by harnessing power from solar, wind, wave and tidal sources. But just because an energy supply is green, it doesn’t make it vegan.

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Ecotricity have verified all of the energy sources that go into making their electricity and gas, to ensure they aren’t inadvertently using animals in energy production as many green energy companies supply electricity that’s been generated using animals or animal by-products. Find out how your energy supplier is or isn’t vegan here

But this aside, they are different from other ‘green’ energy suppliers. They use the money from their customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. They refer to this as turning ‘Bills into Mills’ – energy bills into windmills. All their profits go back into this mission.

Switch and get a £50 BTP gift card

Just by working with Ecotricity we are helping make Britain greener. And you can too. If you choose to switch to Ecotricity you will get a £50 BTP Gift Card. Just visit their website to find out more and to switch.