Plant-based Power

Anna Kilcooley -
Plant-based Power

It’s a little-known fact that BTP started life way back in 1995 on Park Street in Bristol as a vegan café.

Fast forward to 2018, and we realised that we’d slightly lost our way on the road to the perfect plant-based breakfast. There have always been plenty of veggie and vegan brunch options on the menu, but in our excitement to create brilliant brunches, the classics got a little left behind.

To make it up to you, we’ve gone all out on our breakfast classics, and we think you’re going to like it.

Enter: the all new and improved veggie and vegan breakfasts, and their big brothers, the veggie and vegan boss.

We reckon the star of the show are our brand new hash browns. Made from scratch in-house, they’re fluffy and crispy and everything that’s perfect about the finest parts of breakfast.
You’ll also get plum tomatoes marinated in herbs, garlic and thyme mushrooms, baked beans and toast. Veggies will get scrambled eggs, while vegans can delight in our new turmeric scrambled tofu – it’s creamy, fluffy, lightly spiced and totally delicious. No more missing out on morning protein.
Upgrade yourself to a boss, and we’ll add more of everything, as well as an extra round of toast and sautéed spinach.

Our plant-based classics are now so good even the meat eaters will be questioning their loyalty to bacon and sausages.

It’s what you pair your breakfast with that’s important, too. Veganise your tea or coffee by choosing either soy or oat milk, and we won’t charge you any extra. Even our mallow hot chocolates are veggie friendly.

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