Kindness Can Change the World

Kindness Can Change the World

In our Alfred Street cafe, we’ve seen the impact that kindness can have on someone’s life and in our community.

From our team gifting their time to help run events, to the countless Bath locals who have come along to do good in their hood with Good for Nothing (GFN), it has been an inspiring place to work.

Changing the world through acts of kindness is what Good For Nothing is all about. They get up to all sorts in our cafes (you can read what they’re all about here), and their work has been so inspiring, our co-owner, Sam, has signed up to be a mentor via their support for local charity, Mentoring Plus,

GFN are really excited to announce that the next Gig Night will be supporting local charity, Mentoring Plus. The Gig night will be a gathering of talent and time from local people to help create a unique event in Bath – The Kindness Awards.

_“Our Young People’s Manifesto was developed by local young people, who have graduated from our mentoring programme, and now want to make a difference for the next generation. They had three key goals – achieving better mental health services, more youth clubs, and a kinder education system.
It’s this last goal which always strikes the biggest chord with audiences, because we’ve all experienced education, whether it was kind or not, and know the difference this quality brings to our younger selves.”_ Jamie Luck, Director – Mentoring Plus

Blog Pitch Night with MP 2

At the first Gig Nigh with Mentoring Plus back in June, there were plenty of innovative ideas and initiatives presented, but it was the idea of The Kindness Awards that struck a powerful chord with the Mentoring Plus team.

“We believe The Kindness Awards will celebrate a quality that anyone working with young people knows is vital, but can often get overlooked as a measure of success. We know that it’s the kindest and boldest of teachers, mentors, volunteers and support workers that find the space to listen, not judge and to be kind.” – Mentoring Plus

This event will be a first for Mentoring Plus, which is why they need as many of Bath’s good eggs to come together with wonderful, fresh and creative ideas, to add verve and fizz to successfully bring the awards to Bath. To support Mentoring Plus, GFN will host 3 × 3-hour Gig Nights in our Alfred Street cafe over the next year, to deliver the big doses of Good For Nothing that Mentoring Plus needs.

If you’re new to GFN, Gig Nights are a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people, enjoy great grub, get creative and of course create lasting social change.

“This is an opportunity to not only celebrate and inspire kindness across our community, but also change the lives of young people both today and in the future” – Bex, GFN Bath

The next Gig Night will be held on Wednesday 5th December 6pm-9pm in our Alfred Street Cafe, where guests will enjoy delicious food from our talented kitchen team, meet new and like-minded people and of course enjoy a creative ‘blue sky’ evening, to plan and shape Mentoring Plus’ vision of The Kindness Awards.

The Good For Nothing crew are looking to bring together a range of skilled folk in the room, as they’ll be exploring everything from the nomination process, to sponsorship, PR, design, advertising, right the way across to videography. So whether you have a particular set of skills or simply share their belief that small changes can make a big difference, both Mentoring Plus and GFN would love you to join in. To find out more simply register for the event via the chapter page.