Guest Coffee: Strong Man

Guest Coffee: Strong Man

Strong Man comes from our wonderful coffee roasters, Bristol based Extract. It’s their annual autumn espresso, so we’re very excited to be hosting it for the first time.

This year, he’s a blend from two brilliant coffee farms. Our Strong Man is a softie at heart, (both in flavour and personality) and will be supporting charities chosen by our cafes, with £1 donated from every bag of coffee sold. (find out who here). As an extra bonus, when you have Strong Man to takeaway, we’ll donate 10p (as we do with every takeaway coffee).

This year’s Strong Man is joined by Strong Woman and together they are championing not one, but two farms, one from Costa Rica, the other from Ethiopia. Embracing craft-womanship to create a truly exquisite blend.

The blend

Unusually for us, Strong Man is a blend – Costa Rican honey roasted Hermosa beans, and a natural process Sasaba from Ethiopia. The strong bodied sweetness of the Hermosa gives a solid backbone to the more fragrant and fruity Sasaba. The clever folk at Extract have really dazzled this time, balancing unusual flavours into a coffee that works well with or without milk.

The result is a coffee which is characteristically sweet with rich, sticky flavours – balanced perfectly in a punchy espresso.

Flavour –

Espresso – blueberry, vanilla and bubblegum
With milk – pink marshmallow

Extract reckon 2018’s Strong Man is perhaps their best ever. They say: “It’s a knockout!”