Good For Nothing Bath are up to good again

Good For Nothing (GFN) is a community of do-ers, thinkers, makers and creators who want to gift their skills to grass roots projects that are changing Bath for the better.

We’ve been delighted to host them in our Alfred Street cafe in Bath, and they have just celebrated the launch of our first collaboration, which will change the lives of people affected by cancer in the community. They gave us a little update on how it went.

““We Get It“ (or as they were once known – Eat Move Glow) came to us at our very first Pitch Night back in September 2017.”

Founder, Laura Phillips, was 1 of 10 projects that pitched, and whilst all of them were awesome, it was Laura’s passion that won the hearts of our audience.

“My main vision for my cancer support group was to help MORE people affected by cancer in Bath, build a cancer community and make sure no-one was alone during and after cancer treatment. The amount of help, feedback and support I received from the GFN community was truly amazing” – Laura, We Get It

Laura Phillips (on the right), founder of We Get It, and Sarah Baker (Trouble Lounge / We Get It supporter)

Over the last year, ‘good eggs’ from Bath have been gifting their time to create a new brand that reflects Laura’s passion and her vision for cancer support in Bath:

“The new brand is bold and honest, it has been created by the Bath Community for the Bath Community for people dealing with cancer, together. Whether you’re in remission, living with cancer or just been diagnosed, we understand because we’ve been there. We Get It.” – Laura, We Get It

On Thursday 27th September, Laura and her team revealed We Get It to the Bath community for the very first time. We got a preview of the dynamic website and the bold new brand.

“I am extremely grateful and thankful for all the help I have received. This would not be possible without the We Get It team of good eggs. I would like to turn We Get It into a community interest project and help more people dealing with cancer, together in Bath.” – Laura, We Get It

Designed by Robin (RedNINE) and James (Volley Design), with copy writing by Lara Kavanagh and Kendra Futcher, We Get It is strong, tribal, and inclusive – and our GFN Bath chapter could not be prouder.

‘Last night just reinforced for us why we do Good For Nothing – to help organisations like We Get It make a greater impact in our local community’ – Bex, GFN Bath

This is the beginning of a new journey for Laura and her team, and whilst our partnership has come to an end, we’ll do everything we can to share the news of this brilliant community resource – so that everyone in Bath affected by cancer knows We Get It.

If you are, or know someone who is, affected by cancer, and would like to find out more about the support available from We Get It please visit