New: Kids Menu

Anna Kilcooley -
New: Kids Menu

When planning a family outing, it’s often the smaller folk who get the final say on where everybody gets to go, so we want to make sure BTP is top of the list for mum, dad and the smaller ones.

We know that when the children go quiet because they’re either enjoying their food or are immersed in colouring, it means mum and dad can enjoy a moment of family bliss (until a fight breaks out over the blue crayon!)

That’s why we’ve overhauled our kids menu, and we think the whole family is going to love it. The old favourites will still be there, including scrambly eggs and soldiers, porridge and beans on toast, but there are also some new dishes, which we’re pretty excited about.

We know that kids like to feel in charge of their own food choices, so we’re letting them build their own breakfast. Pick a selection of favourites to make a 3, 4 or 5 item breakky, just how you like it. Just like our grown-ups menu, everything is available all day, so breakfast for dinner is totally a thing.

Put on your cheesiest grin, and get ready for the return of the mac (& cheese), for both little and bigger ones. There’s also a double cheese toastie, with added ham if you fancy.


Or try out a hotdog – your favourite BTP sausage in a bun. As always, all our meat comes from the lovely farmers at Devon Rose, who outdoor rear all their animals making sure they have a happy life.

Of course, healthy choices are vital to make sure everyone stays full of beans, so you can choose to go for veg sticks with all the main meals.


Just for kids and also brand new to the menu, we’ve got chocolate and banana pancakes, light, fluffy and totally yum. They’re in good company with the classic bacon and maple syrup pancakes.

There’s a whole load of delicious drinks for little people too. There’s a raspberry and mango smoothie, four delicious different milkshakes, and of course, babyccino’s are always free.


Then for the really exciting bit, we’ve got some delicious puds and treats for those who eat their veggies. There’s ice cream with chocolate sauce, a mixed fruit cup or a kids brownie.

And if it’s a really special occasion, give the Chocolate Brownie Sundae a go – ice cream, home made brownie smothered in chocolate sauce.


All these delicious dishes will be available from Thursday 13th September, alongside a series of brilliant kids activities. Click view the Full menu, or check out your closest activities here