NEW: Filter Coffee

NEW: Filter Coffee

Agusto Vasquez – Fully Washed – Peru

We’re big fans of new flavours here at BTP, and so we’re excited to welcome our new filter coffee, from the high altitude jungles of Peru.

In the cup you’ll taste:

Maple syrup

The coffee cherries are picked between August and September, when they are fully mature and at their sweetest. The flavours are perfect for the autumn, meaning we can welcome the colder days and darker evenings with a smile and a hot mugful.

Did you know?

We always recommend you drink filter coffee black. It’s how it’s designed to be drunk, and means you’ll get all the delicate flavours from the coffee. We set a timer on all of our filter coffee, so it doesn’t sit going stale and sticky like it so often is left to – guaranteeing you’ll get a great cup, as the growers intended. Of course, the final decision to add milk or not is up to you.

We’ve found that our new team members often join BTP as dedicated latte or flat white drinkers, but soon find the allure of filter draws them in….

As well as tasting great, it does good, as it comes via the 121 Project. This was set up in Honduras, and has now spread to Peru. It is now one of the largest growers of organic coffee, which is sustainable and fully traceable. It means that the farmers are rewarded for their great work, and establishes a long-term relationship with the roaster, offering more stability for everyone involved.

We think it’s delicious, and all the tastier for the support it offers the farmers.

If you’re still not convinced, pop in and ask one of our baristas for a sample. You’ll be hooked.