Summer at BTP: New Drinks

Anna Kilcooley -
Summer at BTP: New Drinks

This summer we’re bringing you drinks which not only taste great but do your body good too.

Tend to your tummy with probiotic promoting kefir, or reduce inflammation with some terrific turmeric. And we’re really excited about our new shrubs – making a comeback from the history books (the Romans knew what was good for them), it’s not just the fizz that brings the sparkle to these drinks.


Kefir Colada
Packed full of probiotics, kefir is a fermented milk-based drink (a bit like yoghurt, but really, really good for you). Blended with pineapple, lime, coconut water and honey, it’s a creamy mocktail smoothie that’ll leave you feeling fabulous. We’re really into gut health at the moment. (Did you know that up to 70% of your immune system lives here?). Find out a bit more about why we think it’s so important here

Carrot & Turmeric Smoothie
Turmeric is thought to lower inflammation (it’s the curcumin, don’t ya know), but everything else about this smoothie will get you fired up. With lemon, ginger and carrot, apple juice and maple syrup add the perfect level of sweetness to our newest raw veg smoothie.

Not the garden plant, but a delicious drink, made with fruit, apple cider vinegar and FRANK sparkling water. Wait…‘vinegar in my drink?!’ we hear you cry. Used by those wise old-wives as a natural remedy for eons, apple cider vinegar is thought to be helpful for controlling weight loss, detoxing the body and controlling blood sugar. Our friends over at Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar have put together a bit more information for you here. Shrubs are making a comeback, having been favoured by the Romans, Georgians and in times of American prohibition. Choose between strawberry, basil and black pepper, or rhubarb and rose.

Cutting the Frappe
And don’t forget, we only use natural ingredients in our drinks, so we don’t add any powders to our iced coffees or chocolate milkshakes. Instead, we use avocado to add creaminess and maple syrup for the sweetness. Delicious and natural. Double win.

So, you can sip in the sun to your hearts content this summer, knowing that you’re doing yourself some good with a delicious drink.