Great gut health

Great gut health

Bacteria = bad. Or so we’ve been led to believe. Yes, washing your hands regularly and keeping things clean is always a good way to go, but for our guts, bacteria and microbes are the vital maintenance team for our health and wellbeing.

When your bacteria is out of balance, all sorts can go wrong. You can get gassy, bloated, lethargic, and it’s even linked to illness, weight gain and mood. Having a poor diet or taking antibiotics can kill off your good bacteria, and allow the bad guys to flourish. In turn, this can make you crave everything bad for you, as bacteria like candida crave sugar, which is what has you clawing at the treat drawer.

The good news is, we’ve just created a delicious mocktail which will help you get your gut in balance.

Welcome kefir, hello kefir colada

Kefir has been around for thousands of years. Using kefir grains (not actually grains at all, it’s just a name) in milk, and left for up to 48 hours to ferment. The result is a liquid which is like a savoury yoghurt, but it’s packed full of beneficial bacteria strains – 10 different types or more. When you compare this to the 1 or 2 you’ll get in a supermarket ‘digestive aid’, there’s no question that kefir is king.

Kefir on its own can be a little sour, so we’ve balanced it out with pineapple, lime, coconut water and a drizzle of honey.

How does the bacteria actually help?

It’s estimated that we’re only about 10% human. That is, that each human cell in our body is outnumbered by bacteria 10 to 1. The good guys (often referred to as ‘friendly’ bacteria, aww) need regular feeding with the right food to be able to carry on their job of evicting the bad bacteria.

Probiotics is the key word here, and it’s what our kefir colada is packed with. They’re full of life (pro meaning for, and biotic meaning life) and are like superheroes coming in to save the day in your gut. You can buy them in tablets, but the best way to populate your gut in the most reliable way, as always, is through your diet. (It’s also the tastiest way – who wants to pop a load of pills every day?)

It’s also a good idea to top up on pre biotics, which is what the good bacteria feed on. Things like the chicory in our grain bowl and yoghurt in our granola. A good dose of fibre, like you’ll find in the super salad, and from the pineapple in our kefir colada is great too.

You can make your own kefir at home, but why bother with the sieve, plastic spoon and careful fermentation times when we’ve done it all for you, blended together in a beautiful Kefir Colada? Good for you and delicious.