Our teams: Why we love BTP's approach

Anna Kilcooley -
Our teams: Why we love BTP's approach

Even though things have grown since our origins on Park Street in Bristol, we’ve kept our independent heart, and our focus on making things better. It’s really important that this is reflected in our people too.

We wanted to find out what drives our teams, and it was so lovely, we thought we’d share it.

Mike: Operations Manager, Midlands

One of the main reasons I left my last job was because I didn’t like the direction they were moving as a company. There was less focus on doing the right thing, as well as our footprint on the world. When I found out about BTP and everything they do, it was an easy decision for me to leave. I remember the days when I was 16, emptying glass bins into general waste and generally not giving a sh*t but as I have matured (only marginally!) I really am happy to be working for a company that care about the environment and I am proud to say that I am a BTP employee.

Lucy: Accounts Assistant, HQ

Where do I possibly begin? I was super excited to apply for a job here at BTP because I did some serious research and loved what BTP were all about. Working in a team full of ethically-minded and passionate people makes such a change from my previous jobs. I am all about looking after the environment and I’m very excited and proud to be part of a business that is striving to be plastic free, and are using the business to really make things better, either for the environment or helping others for a great cause!

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Andrew: Kitchen Manager, Barnstaple

I definitely share BTP’s passion for the environment, and have been on my own little mission with regards to plastic recently, namely plastic bags.

I sent an e-mail to Anita (brand director) regarding this who kindly forwarded it to A.David, who supply our fresh food, highlighting the sheer scale of how many bags in landfill we are responsible for due to all our produce being packed in them, most of it needlessly. A look at the numbers was horrific!

Daren from A. David got back to me regarding this and after replying to him it seems those lovely chaps have listened to some of my points as my Saturday delivery contained considerably fewer bags, and also no bubble wrapped bunches of bananas!

Neema: Operations Manager, South West

Well, what can I say, the moment I found out that BTP were hiring Ops Manager I was very excited. I love all that BTP stands for, my favourite being everything is freshly made on site including the cakes. How could I not want to work for a place that prides itself on where everything is brought from, free range eggs and meat and want to do good for our environment. The crazy people I work with is just an added bonus to everything else which is awesome about BTP.

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Darren: General Manager, Ringwood

It feels good to work for somewhere that is not JUST about the money. Yes, there is a buzz about working with the public and a camaraderie in the industry, but it really adds something to know that the money we make lets us do things that make a difference to our planet. Sustainability costs, making changes to how we do things to have fewer impact costs, and it feels good knowing that my hard work helps pay for that.

Rob: Floor Supervisor, Plymouth

Why do I love working for BTP and what they stand for? To put it simply … because they care! They care about the staff that make their company tick. They care about the quality of the food and drinks they produce, including where they come from. Not to mention how much they care about the world we live in, and sustaining it! From local community to world issues, we all work as hard as possible to get involved and make things better. A job that pays the bills and has a heart, what’s better than that? (Also, y’know .. the cake!)

Laura: Product Development Manager, HQ

I love working for BTP because I know can be satisfied and 100% confident in the quality and sourcing of the food and drink we serve. I am proud to be part of a company that challenges itself to source ethically no matter what, and pushes the boundaries of the business norm by going the extra mile when it comes to being sustainable and eco-friendly. For me, being able to forge a strong direct relationship with someone like my butcher, baker or coffee roaster directly, and to understand all I can about the product we serve is a total joy; and paramount to us all being able to give our customers the experience they deserve.

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