Guest Espresso: March

Guest Espresso: March

Our first guest espresso, Terruño Nayarita, gave you a chance to try something new and was a big hit, but it’s time to move on! We’re looking at a sweet new future with ‘El Ingenio’. Honey? Crunchy nut cornflakes? What on earth….?

Finca El Ingenio Espresso
El Salvador – Honey Process


This Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is from the El Ingenio farm which dates back to the 1870s when Juan Urrutia planted the first coffee trees in the area. The estate has continued to grow and has been handed down through the generations, improving each year. Volcanic soils provide valuable nutrients for the coffee cherries, creating a complex sweetness, and rich red fruit flavour, which is enhanced by the honey process.


Espresso: Red apple, lemon, butterscotch

With Milk: Crunchy nut cornflakes (cereal, honey, toasted nuts)

Did you know:

No honey is used in the honey process! It involves picking only the ripest cherries and removing some of the skin and fruit from the seed. The coffee is left to dry on raised beds so the fruit can partially ferment, resulting in naturally sweet flavour, hence the name honey process.