'Neets Eats: Foodie guide to Dublin

On Christmas morning I was presented with two bottles; one was a Guinness and the other was an Irn-bru, after my initial confusion I realised that both had flight details on them and in fact we were off to Dublin and Edinburgh. He’s a keeper.

So last weekend off we went to Dublin and as we are both obsessed with coffee and food, we basically spent the whole weekend eating and drinking. So below is a list of my favourites, for anyone planning a trip anytime soon…


We arrived at 8am and caught a cab straight here for a much-needed coffee and breakfast. 3FE was started by a chap called Colin Harmon, his first cafe was in the lobby of a nightclub that wasn’t used during the day, so he didn’t have to commit to renting a full-time shop. He has since gone on to have two (full time) coffee shops, a roastery, become a barista champion, write a book and is hugely respected in the coffee world. As you would imagine, the coffee was exceptional with three different origins, available across all brew methods, we couldn’t decide, so we had a one of each.

Oh… and the scrambled eggs were pretty delicious too.

3FE 520


I was lucky enough to have lunch here a few years ago, so knew I wanted to go back for dinner. And man, it didn’t disappoint. It’s on Camden Street, which is filled with great bars and restaurants. The restaurant is beautifully designed from outside to its interior. The team were super friendly and everything was delicious. There were so many good things to tell you about our main course I can’t list them all, but (deep breath) we had banquet of striploin steak, with ox cheek cottage pie, tongue, one of the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten, Kale with capers, horseradish cream, stuck to your teeth gravy and Pickled onion ring, yep PICKLED ONION RINGS! Ruining normal ones again for me forevermore… I’m almost cross with them for that.

To top that off the pudding was scrumptious; a salted popcorn ice-cream topped with a warm chocolate mousse and to make it even better, the coffee was great too. We had a filter (roasted by 3FE), it’s so rare to have a decent coffee at the end of a meal, but these guys knocked it out the park.

Delahunt 520

Good World Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese meal is my go-to hangover cure, and after a particularly boozy evening in temple bar, necking Guinness and singing along to covers being blasted out on a Laydie Belle (yep I’m sure we looked great too!) it was the only thing to fix us. So we did some googling to find a good one and we were in for a treat. When we walked in, I thought we had made a mistake, as it looked like a pretty run of the mill Chinese restaurant, but my goodness was I wrong. It was absolutely banging. What a great surprise, the other half is still talking about it days later. Yes, I know love, there isn’t anything that good at home, get over it.

Chinese 520


Firstly the A board is genius and was the reason we went in, so fair play to their ‘marketing pal.’ We went for breakfast before our flight home, this café is really cool, the décor is great, coffee was delicious and the banana bread was killer, it was served with ricotta, strawberries and praline and basil. Soooooo good. It was definitely my favourite café in Dublin, we were just a bit sad that we found it as we were leaving!

Network 520

Dublin was really fun, so friendly and filled with great placed to eat and drink – we will be back!
I’ll let you know soon what we found in Edinburgh…