With Mothers’ Day coming up soon, we thought it would be fun to share some of the best advice our mums have given us over the years…

However, when I put the call-out to team BTP, what actually came back was far from Forrest Gump-esque maternal wisdom, but was uplifting in its own way! Step aside Insta-tastic inspirational quotes, the mums of Boston Tea Party have imparted their wisdom:

Do youarethesunshinethatmakesmyday 520  Have a banana  520  If you don't take your coat off, you won't feel the benefit.  520  Stilettos & shorts are never OK  520 Sunrise (1) 520  Don’t cross your eyes or you’ll get stuck like that.  520  Have a banana  (1) 520 Being a goth (1) 520

What pearls of wisdom have your mums shared with you over the years? Get involved on our Twitter page >