Breakfast Matters: Our dream breakfasts in bed...

We always have time for breakfast, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Whether it’s a deliciously indulgent day for yourself, or you’re treating a special someone this Valentine’s Day, we’ve all got a dream breakfast in bed scenario, but just in case you need some ideas, here’s some inspo from us >

Symmetry Breakfast
If you don’t already follow @SymmetryBreakfast on Instagram, then are you even a true breakfast enthusiast? Michael first started cooking beautiful breakfasts for his husband Mark 5 years ago, so that, despite their busy work schedules, they could spend 30 minutes of quality time together every morning. Their story is touching, and the photographs are stunning.

Mel suggests making Heart Shaped Eggs!
What’s more romantic than a heart-shaped sausage, egg or piece of toast? How about all three. If cheesy gestures are your style, then watch this video for a winning breakfast-in-bed.

Never mind what’s for breakfast, where’s the bed?
If you’re more fussed about the view than the actual breakfast, why not book a few nights in a beautiful rural treehouse, like this one from Canopy and Stars? What could be better than a birdsong alarm clock…

Not a morning person? How about a “Brinner” date?
If a 7pm fry-up whilst watching The Breakfast Club in bed on your laptop isn’t the way to your loved-one’s heart, then we don’t know what is. My fiance is on another continent right now, so this is fully how I intend to spend my V-day this year… what a treat!

Keep it simple
Ben says that his ideal Valentine‚Äôs breakfast would be breakfast in bed of a cafetiere, with a bacon and egg sandwich; “It would be a lovely change as most mornings our bed is shared with our one-year-old, her bottle of milk and cereal that gets thrown all over the place!” – can you relate to this?

Still stuck for inspo? Our Eggy Bread recipe is basically romance on a plate
Whether you’re wooing someone special or treating yo’self, you’d be hard-pushed not to fall head-over-heels for some Sourdough Eggy Bread, with crispy bacon and avocado. Here’s the recipe, the trick is to use thick slices of good quality sourdough, and give it at least 10 minutes to soak up all the creamy, eggy goodness.

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