#HealthyNotHungry What makes our Super Salad so super?

Katy Mansell-Carter -
#HealthyNotHungry What makes our Super Salad so super?

The Super Salad has had a place on our menu for the last 12 years and is somewhat of a Boston institution. Although the exact ingredients have changed quite a bit over time, the purpose of having a dish packed full of goodness and nutrients has remained the same. Here’s a run-down of what makes it so super!

All good salads start with a good leaf, and ours not only taste delicious, but they make a positive contribution to the community too. The Severn Project is a Bristol-based social enterprise that supports people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse through their urban farms. We’ve been buying leaves and herbs from them since 2012, and think they’re ace.

Mangoes are one of the most widely-eaten fruits across the world and are good for pretty much everything, from gut health to libido. Find out more about the benefits of eating mangoes here >

A great plant-based source of protein, and full of healthy fats, which are great for skin, hair and nails – Avocados are the ultimate superfood!

Toasted nuts and seeds
We lightly toast our mixture of hazelnuts, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, before scattering them over our Super Salad to add extra crunch, and even more healthy fats and protein.

Sprouting Seeds
Sprouting your seeds before you eat them boosts their nutritional value and reduces the amount of starch they contain. You can buy them in larger supermarkets, or sprout them at home using this guide >

Sliced radish, shredded carrot and sugar snap peas
Having lots of raw veggies on your plate means you’ll be getting maximum nutrients, as well as lots of fibre in your diet. All three ingredients are great sources of beta-carotene, which supports immunity and eye health.