Our food waste collection just got even greener...

Boston Tea Party are so excited to be one of the very first companies to have food waste collected by GENeco’s new Bio-Bee truck. It’s the first vehicle in the UK to both collect and run on commercial food waste. Our friends at Extract Coffee Roasters have also signed up, and now all of their coffee waste goes back into producing energy too – pretty cool, huh?

The Bio-Bee collects the food waste and coffee grinds from our cafes in Bristol, then takes it to GENeco’s anaerobic digestion plant, where the waste is processed to remove any plastic and then turned into low carbon biogas. The gas is then used to either burnt to generate renewable electricity, turned into enriched biomethane so it can be injected into the gas grid, or used as a transport fuel by the Bio-Bee or other vehicles.

As our finance director, Shelley, puts it _“Although we’ve been recycling our food waste from our six Bristol cafes for three years through GENeco, this is another step forward to make things better by generating a sustainable circular economy. Through this partnership we hope to inspire other food operators to follow our lead, demonstrating it is possible to be greener and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.”
Check out the video here to see the Bio-Bee in action:

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Update, 26 April 2018 – Since this blog was written we have taken the decision to ban single use coffee cups.