Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Hot Summer days call for ice cold, refreshing drinks… So why not give one of our new natural fruit lemonades or frozen slushies a whirl? They land in our cafes next week, whoop!
Choose from three exciting summer flavours, blended with our delicious homemade lemonade (which is made from real hand-squeezed lemons by the way, none of that bottled stuff!)

Refreshing Watermelon
This guy is cool as they come. Hello pale pink thirst-quencher.

Punchy Passionfruit
For the tang lovers out there, this one’s a right lip-smacker.

Sweet Raspberry
Bursting with berry sweetness, this glass of bright pink drink is absolutely mouth-watering.


Fancy making your own blended lemonade slushie at home?

You will need:
300ml lemonade (5 lemons, 100g sugar, 850ml water)
200g ice cubes
Handful of frozen fruit of your choice (ideas below!)

For the lemonade
Juice the lemons into a large pyrex or plastic jug. Boil 100ml of water and add the sugar, stirring until completely dissolved. Add the sugar water to the lemon juice and stir together. Top up with the remaining 750ml of cold water, and keep in the fridge for up to three days.
To make it a slushie…
Blend on hi-speed for 30 secs, or until all ingredients are combined into slushy deliciouness!
Pour into a tall glass, and enjoy!
(extra points if you add a fancy cocktail umbrella)

As well as our flavours, here are a few ideas to try blending with your lemonade:
- Cucumber and mint
- Strawberries
- Blueberry and ginger
- Kiwi and lime
- A shot of Pimms(mmm… boozy!)

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