Fancy some afternoon delight?

As you (hopefully) all know, we make our cakes on site. Every day we have clever bakers squirreling away in each café producing your favourite afternoon treats.

We have a well-loved selection of cakes, but we felt it was time for some new ones! It seems wholly unfair that you could miss out on cake (or any food for that instance) due to having a particular dietary requirement, so we have always tried to cater for everyone but many of you lovely lot have been in touch to request even more gluten free and vegan options. So, once we had finished squabbling about what should stay and go, I set to work in my little kitchen to come up with some new ones.

Normally it’s just me in my kitchen on my own writing recipes and testing them out on Marketing Guy (Ben) and The Boss (Sam), but this time I asked our teams to be involved.

Two of our bakers (Emma & Alex) came to me with some ideas, so we worked together developing several recipes that would work as afternoon treats. I had the pleasure of working very closely with our super-talented Park Street baker Alex. She makes the best cheesecakes I have ever tried, but we had to play around to make them gluten free, whilst keeping the deliciousness. In addition to this she came up with a chocolate hazelnut meringue cake and the coconut & lime cake, all real winners! I hope you like them as much as we do…

So enough of me waffling on, let me tell you what they are…

Baked Cheesecakes – Raspberry or Lemon Curd
We have used gluten free flour to make a pastry base topped with a huge creamy layer of baked cheesecake, flavoured with raspberries or lemon curd (my favourite!), we then put a super thin (but very important) soft meringue layer before topping it with a crumble. It is so thick and creamy whilst being incredibly light. It really is the best cheesecake I have ever had, whilst also being gluten free. #mindblown

Coconut & Lime Cake
A deliciously moist cake with a zesty lime syrup and a coconut and lime icing sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

Earl Grey & Cranberry Malt Loaf
We use our lovely earl grey tea to soak the cranberries and sultanas, along with malt extract to produce a wheat free malt loaf that Doreen would be proud of!

Coffee, Walnut & Cardamom Cake
This may be a bold statement but I haven’t ever eaten (or made, for the record) a vegan sponge that I wanted to eat again. Well until now…
I have been testing this on the team and no one guessed it was vegan, it’s such a lovely fluffy sponge, you wouldn’t believe it’s egg free. I’ve gone for a classic coffee and walnut cake but added a coffee and cardamom syrup, to give that lovely Turkish coffee flavour. I’m really chuffed with this one.

The Ambassador!
With this cake we are really spoiling you! A glorious hazelnut meringue filled with a Nutella mascarpone cream. It tastes just like a Ferrero Rocher and is gluten free too!

Date and Walnut Flapjack
A delicious vegan flapjack made with coconut, walnuts and oats with peanut butter and coconut oil to bind it, filled with a homemade date jam layer and topped with a peanut butter icing. It’s so moreish and also pretty good as a mid-morning snack.

We hope you enjoy the new options, do let us know your favorites!