Can I make a booking at one of your cafes?
We have a first come, first served service style and don’t offer bookings. The majority of our cafes are fairly large and have plenty of seats so finding a table should be fine.
If you are looking to book for a larger group or party, we only take these outside of peak hours and will depend on the cafe in question. Please contact the cafe directly to see if they can help. All contact information can be found here

Are you dog friendly?
Yes we are. Your four legged friends are more than welcome. All we ask is they keep off the furniture.

I’m an artist and would like to display my work in one of your cafes
The cafes curate their artwork, working with local artists to regularly rotate their displays. Please contact the cafes directly with examples of your work. All contact information can be found here.

Why didn’t you accept my £50 note?
Unfortunately, we do not accept £50 notes in our cafes. The frequency of fake £50 notes in circulation is increasing and we would prefer to reduce the risk by not accepting them. We are legally within our rights to do this as per the Bank of England

Food & Drink

How can I find out the calories in what I’m eating?
You’ll find calories printed on our menus and also listed if you choose to order online. Our dishes and drinks are made in our cafes using quality, ethically sourced ingredients, so you can trust that they are free of any hidden additives. Full allergen information on our dishes is also available

Where can I buy your tea or coffee to have at home?
Both our teas and coffee are available to buy in our cafes, but if you cannot get to us you can buy our coffee direct via Extract Coffee .

Why are your cakes on the counter not covered?
Like many bakeries and cafes we choose to display our cakes and pastries on the counter. This is a legally acceptable approach and we follow very strict procedures around this, for example, any products with high protein content are removed if not sold within 4 hours. If at any point any of our products are compromised, they are immediately removed and wasted. The teams are very hot on this. We take hygiene very seriously, and presenting our cakes this way doesn’t impact our food hygiene score. We have worked closely with an independent health and safety auditor to ensure we are completely compliant in this area.

Work With Us

I’d love a job, how do I apply?
You can find out more about what it’s like to work at BTP, current vacancies and how to apply here
Failing that, nothing beats the personal touch so why not call into the cafe and speak to a member of the team.

I’m under 16 and looking for a part-time job or work experience
Unfortunately, we do not recruit new employees until they have finished their compulsory education (so aged 16 and completed GCSE’s).
It may be possible to carry out work experience but we do have to look at each café individually in order to make the right decision. If you are interested in a work experience placement then please email us detailing the store location; type of role; length and date of placement and we will look into the possibility of having you come and join us.

I’m a potential supplier or agency, who can I speak to about working with you?
We have a great roster of suppliers and agencies that we work with but if you feel you have something we’re missing feel free to get in touch.

I’m a landlord and have a great site that you may be interested in
Great! We’re always on the lookout for new locations so please send through details to us.

Charity & Ethics

I’m raising money for charity and would like a donation, can you help?
We get inundated with requests for sponsorship and unfortunately cannot help everyone.
We are able to support raffles or fundraising efforts local to our cafes with cakes or prizes, so please contact us with information including the registered charity number of who you are fundraising for and we can see how we can help.

I’ve seen you’re donating 10p from every takeaway coffee to local charities. How can my charity get involved?
Our cafes have selected their charity partners and work with them for a minimum of six months. If you wanted to get in touch with your local cafe with details of what you do, they can let you know if they are looking to change who they support.

Gift Cards

Do you sell gift cards?
We do. They can be bought in all of our cafes and also online. You can order e-gift cards here.

Takeaway Cups

Why do I have to bring my own cup for takeaway coffee?
We were the first cafe chain to ban single-use cups. We did this because we believe it to be the only sustainable option. You can find out why here. >
For more FAQs on how the system works with reusable cups, see our list here. >

My Ecoffee/KeepCup leaks!
Like single-use coffee cups, the reusable coffee cups we offer are designed to be spill-proof rather than leak proof. Just keep it upright, don’t overfill it and make sure it’s empty before putting it in your bag.