Grow your own mushrooms at home

Ben Hibbard -
Grow your own mushrooms at home

We serve a lot of coffees (around 12,000 per week), and this means a lot of coffee waste. We try where we can to reuse and recycle our grounds, as when coffee grounds are dumped into landfill they create methane, a greenhouse gas more harmful than carbon dioxide.

So we work with Green Shoots who collect the grind and send it to HMP Dartmoor to be used as fertiliser to grow delicious oyster mushrooms!

Now you can grow your own mushrooms at home with a grow box, available now from all of our cafes priced £15. You will get three harvests of beautiful oyster mushrooms, so a great gift idea for the green fingered friend or family member!

Watch the video of our grounds being used to grow mushrooms here

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