We dream of a better world, we act with better coffee.
Why is our coffee better? Because we’re committed to these five pledges:

Better World
From ethical sourcing and roasting in Bristol to recycling used coffee grinds, we aim to minimise our impact on this world. One of our missions was to reduce the number of coffee cups ending up in landfill. We took a strong stance on this, and decided that the only way to true change was to ban single use coffee cups completely. Find out more about why we’re doing this >

Better Beans
Our top quality South American coffee beans are roasted in Bristol by the clever chaps at Extract Coffee. We even send our best people out to Colombia to make sure we’re buying the best beans, whilst building a relationship with the people that grow it. Find out how we choose our beans here >

Better Flavour
Whether medium, dark roast or decaf, you can expect notes of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut to shine through. This is a snobbery-free zone, and you can always ask our baristas for their tasty recommendations. Check out our flavour profiles here >

Better Baristas
However you like your coffee, our SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) qualified baristas make everyone with skill and love. This internationally recognised certificate ensures that our baristas cover everything from pulling tasty shots to milk texturing techniques and more. Find out what it’s like to train with us >

Better Milk
The milk in your coffee is as important as the beans, so we only use deliciously creamy Chew Valley organic. These guys are our kind of business, family-owned and operated, and at the forefront of the organic movement.
Chew are also helping us on our war on single use plastic, we have already removed 192,000 milk bottles from our supply chain and our aim is to have switched to returnable reusable bottles by the end of 2020.

And it’s not just coffee!


All our teas are loose leaf and have been selected for us by a specialist tea supplier. Not only are they masters of their craft, but as members of the UK Tea Council and Ethical Tea Partnership, they work hard to make sure things are better for the tea producers too. The best quality cup of tea for all the right reasons – our sort of company. We have a range of 19 teas that we are mighty proud of.

Smoothies & Milkshakes

We only use natural ingredients in our smoothies and milkshakes. Frappé was good, but we want great. We’ve cut the frappé replacing it with avocado, full of potassium and vitamins, and has the bonus of it bringing a beautiful creamy texture. What about that sweet, sweet taste I hear you cry? We’ve got that covered, maple syrup, a beautiful rich flavour without any anonymous additives.