Refundable deposit

  • Loan cups are available in all of our cafes costing £3.50.
  • The deposit can be paid for in cash, card or by gift card.
  • You may take out and return multiple cups at a time.
  • Just let the person at the till know if you want to swap your loan cup for a clean one instead of receiving your deposit back.
  • Loan cups can be taken back to any BTP cafes and a receipt is not necessary.
  • The loan cup needs to be returned in a good condition for a full refund.
  • We will do our best to ensure that we give you a cup in tip top condition, but please give it a check yourself for any damage or missing parts, and let our baristas know if there are any issues.

When your deposit won’t be returned

  • When returning your cup, you’ll get a full refund providing the cup is returned in good condition, with no missing parts.
  • The cup must be returned with sleeve, lid, cup body and mouthpiece stopper. If any of these parts are missing we won’t be able to refund you.
  • Scratches and superficial damage are fine, but no chips or cracks or tears to the sleeve or lid.
  • Please don’t write on or otherwise mark your loan cup as this will mean we cannot refund you.
  • If your cup isn’t quite as it should be, you’re welcome to keep it (just let our teams mark it as retired) or we can recycle it for you.