We want to make it as easy as possible to get a takeaway coffee following our ban of single use coffee cups. If you forget your reusable cup, don’t have one or are buying a round of coffees for the office you can hire them from us, and return them to any of our cafes and get your money back.

The system is simple:

• We have dedicated loan cups for you to use if you pop in without your own
• There’s a refundable deposit of £3.50
• You’ll get a full refund when you return the cup in good condition
• Returned cups are then washed and ready to be reused


Loan Cup FAQ’s:

How will you ensure the loan cups are clean?
The loan cups will be treated as per our other crockery, so once returned will be put through the dishwasher and then be ready for another use.

Do I have to take my loan cup back to the café I got it from?
You can return them to any BTP for your money back. We’ve got 23

Will you clean my cup for me if I bring it in dirty?
Yes, we will give them a quick clean so they are ready to use and make sure your drink is at its best.