“After 6 months of planning, 1st June 2018 was a pretty big deal for us: not only were we the first coffee shop chain in the UK (apparently the world?!) to do this, but we had £1 million of sales on the line and a lot of eyes on us.” – Anita, Brand Director.

The facts so far – updated August 2020:

  • Stopped over 340,000 takeaway cups going to landfill
  • Sold over 49,000 Ecoffee cups
  • Raised over £12,500 for our charities.


This project was never just about BTP. We want to help inspire others to make a change and have an impact. We are super keen for other cafes and coffee shops to join us on our battle against single use. So far, we’ve run two workshops for other cafes and businesses to learn the ups and downs of such an ambitious project.

We are also looking for business partners to join us too. If your company is interested in helping make change happen and would like to buy reusable cups for your office/workplace, get in touch, your first coffees are on us and we may even throw in a cake or two….

#ChoosetoReuse #jointheparty #makingthingsbetter