We're sharing the love...

We're sharing the love...

We love a good love story. We particularly love a love story that’s happened in our cafes. Whether it’s a shy first date over a latte, an anniversary brunch tradition, or sometimes, hearing the stories of how our baristas have cheered you up after a heartbreak.

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give a little love back to you.

We asked you if you had a special Boston Love Story, and you let us know! Here are our favourites….

Ringwood love vday
@_lifestylepill who told us about her first date….

WhatsApp Image 2019 02 08 at 16.42.10
@angel.maolnzo_x who has a lot of love for our food….

WhatsApp Image 2019 02 08 at 16.43.38
and langa.mpofu and neighbourhdbrum who celebrated their engagement with us.

You guys have all won brunch for two!

Want to win coffee and cake for you and your loved one?

Latte heart

Fancy a chance to win?

Just share your lovely pictures from a café this Valentine’s Day, and we’ll be picking our favourites throughout the day to pop back in for a coffee and cake on us. Be it the latte heart-art we’ll be serving up throughout the day or a snap of you in our cafes with someone you love to visit with. No worries if your sweetie isn’t around – you can use it any time in the next two weeks, and share it with whoever you like.

Use the #BTPLove this Valentine’s day and you might get a chance to win!