The Boston Safety Lowdown

The Boston Safety Lowdown

We know you’re used to it by now, but it’s important that you know that we’re doing everything we can do keep you safe while making your dream breakfast a reality.

Our team has read the many hundreds of pages of guidance (rather them than us) and will take on board any more that come in, but for now, our extra safety measures include:

  • Sanitizing all high contact points (tables, surfaces, door handles).
  • Spacing our tables apart as per the guidelines. You may see signs on some tables if they’re not being used or are temporarily out of action while we spritz them.
  • Asking everyone over the age of 16 to sign in with NHS Track & Trace, as per Government guidelines.
  • Operating an ‘order and pay at table’ system. Just look for the QR code once you’ve sat down, everything is done online, but we’re here for any questions.
  • Serving ‘Contactless Coffee’ for takeaway – only you touch your cup. It means we can stay proudly reusable only when making your takeaway hot drink.
  • Going card-only or contactless for all of our payments for now.
  • Masks – compulsory for all team and customers unless exempt.