Brand New: Breakfast For The People

Anna Kilcooley -
Brand New: Breakfast For The People

Whatever your persuasion, situation or need: catching up with friends, post-gym recovery, hangover cure, mid-shopping treat, boozy brunch or off to work. If you’re veggie, vegan, flexitarian or an add-baconista…

We’ve got a breakfast for you.


Veggie boss
Veggie Boss

We’ve given our veggie breakfast a makeover and have also introduced the Veggie Boss too. Our brand new hash browns are the star of the show – we can’t get enough of them. On the veggie breakfast you’ll find two hash browns, scrambled free range eggs, garlic and thyme mushrooms, plum tomato marinated in herbs, baked beans and a round of toast. Go big and grab a Veggie Boss and we’ll top you up with sauteed spinach, double toast and a sweetcorn fritter.


Vegan Boss

Vegans, we’ll top up your plate with sauteed spinach, and brand new to our cafes, turmeric scrambled tofu. It’s creamy, fluffy and full of delicate flavour, topped with fresh chives. We reckon it’s a breakfast revelation. You’ll also get two hash browns, marinated plum tomato, baked beans and a round of toast with a dairy-free spread. Opt for a Vegan Boss and you’ll get a sweetcorn fritter and double toast.


The Boss (2)
Classic Boss

For the ones who love their free range bacon and sausages; those who believe it’s not a meal unless it’s meaty. The West Country Breakfast has been the champion of our menu for years, and for good reason. You’ll get a free range sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, garlic and thyme mushrooms, marinated plum tomato, baked beans and two slices of toast.
If you’re really ravenous, The Boss is the way to go, where you’ll find two hash browns, hogs pudding (a traditional West Country morning staple – a bit like white pudding) and double toast on your plate.

Why stop there?

We’ve got a whole bunch of tasty extras to add to your breakfast, including halloumi, avocado and even extra bacon, for the add-bacon-ista’s amongst you.

And to wash it all down? We’ve got an ever-changing line-up of guest coffees to complement your meal, with oat and soya milk available at no extra cost.

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