Guest Coffee: Hama

Anna Kilcooley -
Guest Coffee: Hama

Autumn Espresso – coming soon

Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe – Natural

With Unkle Funka, our summer espresso funking off, (don’t worry, he’ll be back next year) we knew the next guest espresso had to be special to follow in his shoes. This Yirgacheffe may not be as showy as Funka, but it has its own charms.

We pick all of our coffee through process called cupping. A selection of coffees are brewed, black, and with identical recipes. These coffees are then blind tasted, so we can really focus on the flavours and merits of the coffee, rather than being distracted by logistics such as pricing.

At the last cupping, Aga, Boston’s coffee training guru, and Anita, Brand Director had 12 coffees to choose from. This espresso was an instant favourite, picked by both of them for the top spot. The sweet and tropical flavours means it’ll ease you into autumn in the tastiest way possible.

It will be hitting our cafes from the end of September until the 1st November.

The facts:

The beans for our latest guest coffee are grown in the Ethiopian Highlands, little of which stand beneath 1,500 metres above sea level. It’s home to Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia, and the 10th highest mountain in Africa.
The Hama Co-operative has been slowly increasing its output of washed and natural process coffee through the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, and is recognised for its commitment to quality. This in turns ensures the farmers get a better price for their coffee.


Espresso: Pineapple, honey and cranberry
With Milk: Jammy Dodger

Did you know?

The elevation that coffee is grown at can affect its flavour. Hama is grown at around 1600-2500 meters above sea level (upward of 5,000 feet). In the coffee world ,this is considered very high. This produces harder, denser beans, with a higher concentration of sugars. The end result is a flavour like watching a film with full surround sound – you’ll get an amazing spectrum of flavour with each sip.