Summer at BTP: Flatbreads

Laura Downing -
Summer at BTP: Flatbreads

We still get lots of messages from you lovely lot asking about our pittas. We even had one email from a customer who pretty much held us to ransom unless we brought them back. When it started getting that serious, we thought we ought to give the people what they want.

We’ve revamped the old pittas, and this time you’ll get a soft, za’atar covered flatbread made by our flatbread guru Noam at Abu Noor. Za’atar is a traditional Middle Eastern spice mix, usually comprising of things like thyme, oregano and basil – all the best herbs.

You can give a nod to the Mediterranean, with polenta coated crispy halloumi, or add a kick with spiced lamb. They’re both served with the perfect balance of Greek yoghurt and harissa, with a bit of sweetness coming from date and spiced pear jam. Sumac and lime pickled red onion add a bit of zing, with a refreshing herb salad for good measure.

Then comes the tricky bit – deciding which one to have.