Guest coffee: Morenitas

Anita Atkins -
Guest coffee: Morenitas

Nicaragua – Natural process

Our new guest coffee is just about to land, and damn she’s a goodie. It’s from Nicaragua and has delicious boozy fruity flavours due to its natural processing. As an espresso it tastes like bourbon whiskey and plums (well actually just like the skin of a ripe plum, but that’s not the most attractive term). With milk the flavours turn to that very similar to rum and raisin ice cream, creamy, boozy & fruity, Delicious…

It’s also called Morenitas, which makes me very happy…MoreAnitas more like ;)

The facts:


The Morenitas farm is situated in the Jinotega region close to the Honduran border. Over 80% of the country’s coffee is grown in this area, alongside cocoa, basic grains, fruit and indigenous flowers. The region is also home to the largest nature reserve in Central America – the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve.


Espresso: Yellow Plum, Cocoa, Bourbon
With milk: Rum & Raisin ice cream

Did you know?

Every single BTP barista receives SCA (that’s Speciality Coffee Association) training at Extract Coffee Roasters HQ before they’re left by themselves on the espresso machine.
The SCA Espresso Skills qualification is an internationally recognised certificate, which ensures that our baristas’ cover everything from pulling tasty shots and milk texturing techniques, to the history of coffee and it’s journey from crop to cup, and health and hygiene.
As part of our Coffee, but Better mission, we’ve brought in this qualification not only to further drive our baristas’ knowledge and passion, but also as a quality assurance test, so that you get a cup of coffee made with skill and love, every time.