The trouble with teabags

The trouble with teabags

We like our tea here at Boston Tea Party (it’s in our name after all).

We’re not alone. In the UK we drink tea to the tune of 165 million cups a day – with 96% of that in teabag form. We were all horrified to hear that when we’re innocently sipping a cup at home, we’re adding to the plastic problem!

Plenty of us diligently toss our teabags onto the compost pile, or food waste bin (what is it about used teabags which make them so nasty?). A gardener in North Wales was the first to notice an unusual white fuzz in his compost heap and started a petition which slowly gained traction over 2017. Since then, he’s received over 200,000 signatures and has caught the attention of the nation, along with PG Tips, who have since promised to remove plastic from their bags.

Some manufacturers have admitted that their bags, excluding the leaves, contain up to 25% plastic. Gross.

Plastic free Boston tea

The good news is, when you pop in for a Boston tea, we won’t give you a tea bag which would be tossed out with the trash (and never have). You’ll get a delicious loose-leaf variety, complete with a timer to let you know when it’s had a perfect 5-minute steep time. There are 19 types to choose from, each sustainably sourced from the lovely chaps at Reginald Ames (who are official tea masters!) and completely compostable.

Lovely cuppa.



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