The final (plastic) straw

The final (plastic) straw

You, our lovely customers, have quite rightly been in touch asking why, oh why were we giving out plastic straws? It’s something which has been at the forefront of public awareness for a while, with good old David Attenborough and his Blue Planet team adding to the conversation in recent months.

We’ve always been conscious of the waste we generate and the impact we have on the planet, which is why we were always super careful about recycling our plastic straws (and everything else we can). The issue came when our lovely customers headed off down the street and that straw went in a general waste bin, to live a long lonely life out on a landfill site.

It’s not alright really is it?

We completely stopped buying plastic straws in all our cafes in January 2018. You might have seen one or two making their way out since then – that’s just because we’ve been using up the last of the stocks. Waste not, want not and all.

Pop in to a Boston now, and if you’d like a straw, just ask for one, and help us reduce the use of single use items. When you do get a straw, it’ll be paper. Something which will eventually disintegrate and never be seen again.

We’ve also stopped putting takeaway cold drinks in plastic cups. These have been replaced by plant based ones instead. It’s all helping to get us on our way to single-use plastic free cafes.


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