Five fun ways to use your KeepCup (besides your morning coffee!)

New year, new habits… you know the drill. As far as we’re concerned though, reducing our environmental impact is for life, not just for January, which is why we’re all on a mission to use our KeepCups as often as possible. Here are some of my favourite ‘other’ ways to use my KeepCups (yes I am a massive nerd, sorry) – why not tweet us yours to @BTPCafes or pop ‘em on Instagram with #KeepCupsOnTour

Granola, yoghurt, berries – We’ve all been stung by a Tupperware with a weak lid… yoghurt all over my handbag, no thanks. Need a granola recipe? There’s one right here >

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Smoothies – Take your nutrient-packed smoothies on the go, instead of buying them in a bottle. (Bonus points if you slurp them through a reusable straw)

Porridge on the go – The perfect comfort food to get you through these dark mornings. It also doubles up as a hand warmer – win!

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Soup – If you’re stuck for inspiration, try out our Greens and Beans recipe and take your soup on the go with you

DIY Pot Noodle – inspired by my Christmas in Thailand. In the morning, fill your keep cup with rice noodles, chopped veg, a few tofu/quorn pieces, fresh herbs, half a stock cube and a squirt of sriracha. Come lunchtime, just add hot water – hey presto, a healthy, delicious, and eco-conscious way to eat lunch.
For a lazier version, just use dried noodles, half a stock cube and a squirt of sriracha – still saves a disposable noodle cup!

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