Introducing our NEW coffee; Goodbye dark roast my old friend...

Last year, we shouted about ‘Coffee, but Better’ and our five pledges for better beans, flavour, baristas, milk and sourcing. It got us thinking; what could we do to make our coffee even better?

Well, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Don’t worry, we aren’t going all geeky coffee house on you, just refining what we do, whilst showcasing some quirkier coffees that we think you’re going to love.

The House

We’re saying a fond farewell to our Medium and Dark Roasts, and all our coffees will now be made with our new ‘House Coffee’ as standard.
The actual beans haven’t changed at all; we’ve simply tweaked the roast to give the best and most consistent flavour, however you take your coffee. The same BTP coffee, still excellent from both a quality and sustainability point of view, optimised for you, our lovely customers.
Read more about our House Coffee here >

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The Guest

Alongside our House Coffee, we’re introducing an exciting series of new Guest Espressos, which will change every other month. These will always be single estate (from one farm), always have strong sustainable credentials, and always be absolute lip-smackers when it comes to flavour too. If you’re a fan of prominent flavour profiles or are keen to try out coffees from much smaller farms, you’re going to love our new guest espressos.
Read more about our new Guest Espresso here >

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The Filter

We’ll also be continuing our seasonally changing filter coffee (which if you drink your coffee black is definitely worth a try) just ask our baristas for details of what’s brewing.

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The Decaf

Finally, our decaf coffee remains the same. We believe that, just because you don’t want the caffeine, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the flavour. We feel like we have got this one bang on and we will continue to give it the same attention we do for all of our coffees.

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