Guest Espresso: February / March

Aga Dimitrov -
Guest Espresso: February / March

We’re super- excited to introduce you to our first ever Guest Espresso, available in our cafes from 25th January. Here’s everything you need to know:

Mexican Terruño Nayarita Espresso
Mexico – Natural Process

Once translated, Terruno Nayarita means “from my land”. This coffee farm is located in the western part of Tepic, Nayarita close to the Cerro San Juan volcano. This is one of the most northern coffee producing areas on the planet. Here, microclimate conditions and volcanic soil help to produce unique cupping profiles.

The Terruno is a beautiful natural coffee that is well balanced by a big body, and plenty of sweetness.
Aroma: Floral, rose-like aroma, sweet like Turkish Delight

In the cup:
Espresso: Mulling spices, port, demerara sugar
With Milk: Strawberry Yoghurt (seriously tastes like Sally Strawberry munch bunch!)

We recommend:
Best enjoyed as a Flat White.

Did you Know…?
A natural process means that the whole coffee fruits (cherries) have been dried in the sun naturally. This method results in sweeter, boozy flavours, as the natural sugars from the fruit dry out in the sun. Once the coffee has fully ‘dried’ the bean (seed) is removed.
A washed process means just that, the coffee cherries are soaked in water tanks, then pulped to remove the out casing, to leave just the bean, before drying the coffee.

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