20 gifts to buy for people who are tricky to buy for...

Katy Mansell-Carter -
20 gifts to buy for people who are tricky to buy for...

Ok, ok, Christmas is coming and there’s not a lot we can do about it, so rather than be all bah-humbug, we decided to say “Bahhhhhhh!!! Presents!!!” and be excited instead. Here’s our wish list (ahem, feel free to post packages to HQ) but if all else fails, check out our merch >

SECRET SANTA (under £5-ish)

More fun than your average reusable straw… This little dino definitely doesn’t suck

Bamboo Toothbrush
4.2 billion people own a toothbrush worldwide, and we’re supposed to change our toothbrush every 3 months – that a helluva lot of toothbrushes ending up in landfill each year, so why not get one of these biodegradable guys instead?

This Tea Infuser
Everyone should be able to enjoy a decent cup of tea, and in our book, that means loose leaf. At just £1 each, these have to be the niftiest and cutest budget tea infusers out there.

Dinostraw2 240 Bamboo toothbrushes 240 Tea infusers 240

Avocado Savers
No more browning avocado halves lurking in the fridge… say no to food waste, and say yes to your avocado obsession

Hario V60 Dripper
Who says at-home coffee equipment has to cost a bomb? Simple can be beautiful, and a V60 dripper is a great starting point for any new coffee enthusiast

SW Indy Coffee Guide
The South West Coffee Guide is out, and makes the ideal gift for the travelling coffee-lover in your life.

Avocado saver 240 Hario v60 02pl 2 240 Sw indy coffee guide 240


The Thing Explainer
A book of complicated stuff explained in simple words and funny diagrams, that will delight adults and kiddies alike, especially anyone who loves science.

This Sigg Water Bottle
Lightweight, sleek design, and it’s on sale. If you’re not already taking your own water bottle with you, now’s the time to start your own re-fill-ution (sorry).

Macrame Plant Hangers
You might have spotted these in some of our cafes – made by Bristol-based Knots and Shots, these macrame plant hangers start at just £12, and are oh-so-Instagramable…

Thingexplainer 240 Sigg bottle 240 Knots and shots 240

Pizza Dinosaur Necklace
What’s your favourite, pizza or dinosaurs? Can’t choose? No problemo, we got just the thing…

This Rhubarb and Ginger Gin
Tangy, pudding-flavoured gin makes a good present, right? Sweet and spicy, this Edinburgh Gin offering just so happens to look beautiful, too.

Mr Frosty Ice crusher machine
Any kid growing up in the 90s will have marked this in the Argos catalogue year after year… now you’re a grown-up, just do it already and buy one.

Pizza dino necklace 240 Rhubarb gin 240 Mr frosty 240


This hamper of Planet Organic treats
For your favourite snack-o-phile, there’s everything in here from cheesy popcorn and kale chips, to chocolate pumpkin seeds and macaroons – all organic obvs.

This Apron
Get the chef in your life looking professional in a pinterest-tastic waxed canvas monogrammed apron…

PO hamper 240 Apron 240 Egg cups 240

Rainbow Egg Cups
We always have time for breakfast, and believe that it’s the most important meal of the day. Think of these as an injection of joy at breakfast time.

A Festive Hamper from Hobbs House Bakery
Brioche, brownies and all your Christmassy carb-based needs, delivered to your door – yes please!

An AeroPress
This is the best price we’ve ever found for an AeroPress online – and it’s from the lovely Colonna and Smalls in Bath. Need a hand in perfecting your technique? Our resident coffee boffin Simon can show you how in this handy video >

Hobbs house hamper 240 Product aeropress 750 240


Home Barista Workshop at Extract Coffee Roasters
For the coffee aficionado in your life, why not send them down to Bristol for the day to hone their skills with the best?

An Eco-Retreat with Canopy and Stars
So many to choose from, but this remote beach hut looks particularly dreamy for a secluded getaway

This Pineapple Chandelier
Pretty much everyone who visits our café in Edgbaston instantly falls in love with the pineapple light fittings… for the truest Boston fans out there, why not bring some of our décor into your home?

Barista course 240 Canopystars 240 Pineapple chandelier 240