Making Things Better: How to poach the perfect egg

Ever wondered how to poach the perfect egg, every time?

There are a few things in life that are just worth knowing how to do properly. We’ve drawn up a list and we will be sharing them with you. It only seemed right to start with the thing I am asked about most. It’s one of my favourite things to teach as once someone has ‘cracked’ it, there is always a real sense of achievement.

When I was starting out I was told many different tips and cheffy nonsense, from stirring the water to using cling film! Thousands of eggs later, the way I use and teach is remarkably straight forward. The key is: use a deep pan, have the rate of the boil right, a little helping hand from white wine vinegar & crack your egg really slowly as close to the water as possible without burning your fingertips.

Here’s my quick video on how to poach the perfect egg.

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Making Things Better: How to Poach the Perfect Egg from Boston Tea Party Cafe on Vimeo.

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