Better Milk: Why the milk in your coffee is just as important

Just as important as the beans that go into your coffee, is the milk… As the most popular drink we sell is a 12oz latte, which is two thirds milk, it’s a vital part of our Coffee, but Better commitment that we only use the best milk in our coffee – Yeo Valley Organic.

Yeo Valley are our kind of business; family-owned and operated, and at the forefront of the Westcountry organic movement. They’re no slouches when it comes to flavour either. Cows that are free to mooch about and chow down on quality Somerset grass, mean that the milk tastes full and creamy. This perfectly amplifies those chocolate and hazelnut notes we want from our coffee, whilst providing us with the ideal ammunition to create some stunning latte art.

As with all organic dairy, the cows are fed on a diet that is free from pesticide and GMO’s and their food is mostly produced on the farm where they live, which makes sense really, less food miles. We know a British grown coffee bean isn’t going to happen (well, without some serious global warming issues anyhow) so if we can source UK milk, that’s reducing the food miles in your cup.

We’ve been working with Yeo Valley for years, and now we’re partying together too! We’ll be back at Valley Fest this summer, from 4-6 August, for a celebration of the Westcountry organic movement, as well as a good old knees up!

Ethical sourcing, great ingredients, and perfect preparation, are elements of the ultimate coffee, but remember, show your milk the love you show your beans!
Watch how it all comes together in the video below:

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