New filter coffee - Colombian

Simon Buckingham -
New filter coffee - Colombian

The latest filter coffee in our Colombian series hails from the Antioquia mountains in the western part of the country.

This coffee has been grown by the Restrepo family, now in to their third generation farming these lands. Finca La Chila was a derelict farm when the family took it over, Gloria, the farm manager, inherited the estate 12 years ago. Since then an outbreak of Coffee Leaf Rust ripped through their estate, destroying a significant proportion of their crops. Coming back from that kind of hit can take up to 5 years, as they planted disease resistant varieties and carefully nursed 25% of their crops to fruition. The family live on the farm, Gloria, her husband and kids all muck in come harvest time. The farm is part of a local cooperative who all club in to purchase equipment and share fees for processing the coffee once it’s ready. They also have an education program in place to support the kids going to uni. As a group they can then take their harvests to international market.

Now, to the coffee itself. As always we recommend the filter coffee black. It’s got a pleasant citrus acidity and chocolate finish, so a good example of Colombian coffee. The coffee seeds are fermented for 24 hours, to bring body, and then washed in clean water. Leaving them out in the sun, on their roof, they then dry them to 11% humidity to be ready for shipment.

If you’re after a cheeky taster just ask the front of house team in the café, and if you like it why not let me know on Twitter.

Farm: Finca La Chila
Varietal: Caturra & Variedad 2000 (Castillo)
Processing: Fully washed & sun dried
Altitude: 1,980 metres above sea level
Owner: Gloria Patricia Restrepo Gutiérrez
Town / City: Andes
Region: Antioquia