New filter coffee - Tanzania

Simon Buckingham -
New filter coffee - Tanzania

Shiwanda Estate has a long history in Mbozi, Mbeya – deep in the corner of Southwest Tanzania, it’s considered part of the bread basket of Tanzania, near the Zambia and Malawi border. The farm (pictured) is owned by “Mr. Apson”, former Director General of the Department of National Security between 1996 and 2006. He actually still held the position when he purchased the farm, but he knew he needed a plan for his retirement – and what better way to celebrate his love of his dear Tanzania than by contributing to the economic well-being of a region that was, at the time, struggling. With the aim of creating local jobs and contributing to Mbeya’s economy he planted Bourbon and Kent coffee trees and established a Wet Processing station.

Year-round the large farm provides jobs for families from the surrounding communities, and during the harvest season, the Estate provides employment to more than 100 people who live in the surrounding region. Food grown on the Estate is provided to the workers free of charge, and the Estate provides training and resources to coffee farmers living nearby.

Shiwanda Estate uses organic compost and manure and engages in a host of other good agricultural processes that seek to organically maintain the soil, drip irrigation system that insures that nutrition is efficiently delivered to the coffee trees roots. Regular renovation has also lent a hand in establishing increased productivity and higher quality coffee.

The coffee itself, roasted by Extract Coffee in Bristol, is washed so we expect a clean flavoured cup. The flavour profile is a white grape finish, tangerine-like acidity, and a dry finish. We recommend it, as ever without milk first, then add it if you feel it needs it. Ask at the counter for a taster!