Cut the Crappé

Cut the Crappé

You’re great, we love you, you’re the reason we come in to work every day. You deserve the best. With that in mind we only use natural ingredients in our milkshakes. Frappé was good, but we want great. We’ve cut the frappé replacing it with avocado, full of potassium and vitamins, and has the bonus of it bringing a beautiful creamy texture. What about that sweet, sweet taste I hear you cry? We’ve got that covered, maple syrup, a beautiful rich flavour without any anonymous additives.

Iced coffee & Iced Mocha

Made with a triple shot of our medium roast coffee with organic Yeo Valley whole milk (skimmed, almond & soya also available). We’ve taken the frappé out and replaced it with avocado, giving it a natural sweetness and the texture is better than ever. Add chocolate to make it an iced mocha for those with a sweet tooth.

White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Milkshake

Our shakes are made with delicious chocolate and organic Yeo Valley milk, we thought we would take out the frappé
and once again replace it with avocado. Don’t be afraid, it’s really, really good. Just ask the team!

Banana & Peanut Butter Milkshake

It’s back due to popular demand. Made with banana, organic Yeo Valley milk (or any milk of your choice) and peanut butter, giving it a sweet and rich taste.