RAW! HUH! What is it good for?

Anita Atkins -
RAW! HUH! What is it good for?

Sorry I couldn’t resist, I have a terrible pun addiction (pretty proud of that one though!). We are on a little bit of a roll on the health kick front here at BTP, the boss (Sam) is currently trying to rein in his caffeine in-take (he’s currently on 8 cups a day) and I’ve even joined the gym! It would appear we are not the only ones, everyone appears to want to take care of themselves a little more. There are a lot of brilliant health conscious chefs and bloggers out there such as Hemsley & Hemsley, Ella Woodward and my personal favourite Laura Miller.

Laura has an amazing Vlog called Raw, Vegan, Not Gross and makes some incredible things, proving you can be health conscious whilst eating some damn delicious things. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a giant G&T but I do take a bit more notice of what I am consuming on a day to day basis.

A full raw diet is quite a commitment (not one I think I could handle), but as an addition to your everyday diet, it makes a lot of sense. Raw vegetables are packed full of nutrients and the health benefits are undeniable. There has been an influx of cold pressed juices available, and whilst inspired by these, we found that having tried several of them during the development process we have to say some that weren’t particularly tasty! So with this in mind Simon (the drinks guru) and I have combined forces and come up with some raw veg smoothies! You should be able to taste that they are doing you some good, but should still be delicious and we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve come up with. We have named them, quite simply The Red One & The Green One, here’s what is so good about them…

The Red One – Beetroot, ginger, carrot, parsley, mint, cucumber, apple

Beetroot is a titan – detoxing, rich in fibre, full of nutrients & can even help reduce blood pressure. Quite a few beetroot based drinks have a real muddiness about them, but ours is given a delicious lift with the addition of cucumber, parsley and mint. Ginger also adds a touch of spice whilst bringing antioxidant benefits too.

The Green One – Spinach, cucumber, chia seeds, banana

This was developed under the working title ‘Shrek Juice’, but perhaps should’ve been ‘Popeye Juice’. Spinach is known for its ability to restore energy and increase vitality, packing a huge amount of vitamins C, K & A as well as iron and folic acid. Chia seeds play their part as they are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, being packed in antioxidants, fibre and protein.

My mum always told me to eat my veg, turns out she was right!